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Welcome Spring with your Donation to the NSRWA

Your membership helps advance solutions for healthy watersheds and climate resilient communities on the South Shore!

Your membership contribution supports NSRWA's mission to protect local waters through river restoration, outdoor engagement, and environmental education. You make a difference locally with your support. With your help, more kids and their families will learn about water and nature conservation, local residents will be able to connect with the outdoors with us or on their own, and we will continue our on the ground efforts to restore the health of our rivers and streams.

Membership benefits include:

  • A window decal and your own membership card
  • Invitations and discounts to our many programs throughout the year
  • Discount for our pontoon boat charter tours
  • Our bi-annual newsletter, WaterWatch to keep you informed about local environmental news on the South Shore and upcoming events
  • Our e-news every two weeks to keep you in the loop on local watershed happenings
  • That warm feeling that comes with knowing you are part of an effective voice protecting local waters on the South Shore!

New members receive NSRWA's Explore South Shore Recreation Guide Map with nearly 100 places to visit.

Membership Levels:

$35 Individual/Senior

$50 Family

$100 Contributor

$250 Supporter

$500 River Guardian

Join our Leadership Giving Circle with gifts of $500 and above

Thank you!

The NSRWA Team

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